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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm not okay.


So hey guys whats up? I'm so sorry, nowadays been so busy :( Well, the hari raya Aidil Adha has arrived so we celebrated it exuberantly even there were some problems, yes. But i dont want to talk more on it.

Actually, the killer is in 20 days. Dang! 20 days, buddy! I just what?! However, all i can do is nothing but revising the tonnes of chapters. Yelah nak buat apa lagi kan.

As the major exam is just around the corner well i am bloody busy with classes day and night. 7.30am-5.30pm. 8.30pm-11pm. See the peak? I dont mind if i hv to face these, cuz i hv practised them since in January. But it gets harder i dont know why maybe it is fitrah lol.

The cons are, i don't have much time for myself, i dont even have time to wash my hair oh god, i don't have much time for family, and for my sunshines. I'm sorry :'( And it saddens me the most when i am really far away from His blessings. I just :'(

Out of all, i am really really really bloody real sorry to you. Yes you, whoever feels the connection. I don't care who you are but you know what i mean.

To everyone around me, i'm sorry for being childish sulking whatsoever yes i'm getting more weird and peliks. Ah i dont mean to act like an attention seeker, sometimes i can't even control myself and i dont even know what i want.

Life is confusing but i'll try my best.

Starting today, i'll halt everything that makes me look idiotic and dolt.

I don't know what to say no more. I ruined the good things. I failed in handling the difficulty. I'm so sorry to everyone and i really mean it

I'm sorry if I'm not there when you need me the most. I feel ineffectual and hopeless simultaneously. I love you.

Again, this post is for everyone. I don't point it to mere one person. It may be family, friends or maybe crusher (if i hv one).

This one might be the last post before SPM starts, 6th Nov 2013. Therefore, I myself again plead for forgiveness. Wish us, the 96's the best on SPM. I need to focus more. By hook or by crook, the battle is gonna start soon.

Ok i need to go.

Find me if you can, i was the one who smiled broadly hihi. Goodluck girls! xox

Ana Sowi.

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