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Saturday, September 28, 2013


I cry everyday,
I'm not a pious servant.
I misact.

I cry everyday,
I'm not an obidient daughter.
I haven't made my parents proud.
I'm a black sheep.

I cry everyday,
I'm not a brilliant student.
I didn't ace in my exams.

I cry everyday,
I'm not a staunch buddy.
I'm not a good listener.

I cry everyday,
I abused the time.
My dreams fly with hopes.

I cry everyday,
I'm devastated.

But I never spread. I cry today, cuz I want a better tmr.
Everything starts from me, I'll mend it. I swear.
I'm sorry I haven't glow, I've tried.
One day, I will.
God willing.

I'm sorry,
Ana xx

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