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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You don't have to read this.

Hello guys. Waddup yo?

Hahaha sorry guys. It has been a while since I posted a post or entry or whatever you call it. Well, I don;t really know what to type. But, yeah to ensure that you guys believe that I'm still alive in this holy superb world, I shall type some. Therefore just keep your eyes open or you can leave my blog. Bitch pls.

1. Personality - Well guys, I'm Liana Syairah and was born on 19th Dec 1996. Well it supposed to be in late January 1997 but yeah I was a lil rushed while still in my mom's tummy. So ended up to go out of the womb early. Hahaha wth do I type? Currently studying at SMKA Naim Lilbanat, Kota Bharu. My primary school was SK Seri Kota. As I aced 5As for my UPSR so advanced my study to Naim lah. Uh I dont want to talk much on my school cuz there's someone out saying "Eh bajet lah perempuan ni" yeah I know.

2. Hobbies - Ugh I dont know. All I do when I've free time is finishing my never-ending-homework. Or the extras I end up with online so that I can know what's my friends, or crush or boyfriend up to. Eh? Well actually my part-free-time I spent on Taekwondo which I'm in black belt Dan 1. I went to training pagi petang siang malam last year if I dont have any extra classes lah. If the training held at night, so I have to ask my dad to put and pick me at the gym. Gym? Haha sounds great right? Yeah it is! But the gym is actually just for the trainer lah. Private. There's a big mirror filled the room. With hot chinese guys!!! Omg how awkward...... Hahaha no lah actually guys tak hot mana pun sebab diorang macam sebaya dengan aku or supposed to be 1-2 years older. Mehh. But yelah, I've stopped trainining now. Cuz I'm in form 5. I hv to ace with flying colors on it! But I'll make sure my Tkd must keep moving but next year lah kalo nak sambung -.-

3. Love - Hahahah this is the most sensitive issue even it is not as cool as you thought. Well, like I said, it is sensitive. What? Boyfriend? No.......... yeah no. I did hv crushes. DID. Now I do hv a crush. Haa nampak tak beza ayat tu? Ok I admit it I like someone. But crush remains as crush before SPM. Even sometimes we do like uh.... *krik krik* but trust me, I hv nothing to do with him. We can be bestfriends for a while I guess. Eh? Whateva. Hahaha euw euw pahal doh cakap pasal crush? Cliche. Ok tiada yang tipu melainkan tipu-tipu belaka. Hahaha.

Next, talk abt love haha the most main dominant love are to my parents and family. Also to Allah SWT and the prophet Muhammad SAW <3 nbsp="" p="">

4. Friendship - Ok I hv friends *mestilah kan, semua orang ada kawan*. Kalo kawan berabad tu memang dengan Shazleen lah kan? But when it comes to secondary school. Om I hv lotsa! Kinah, Syirah, Aina, Ilya, Wani, Bella, Nad, Isya, Lisya, Auni, Syera ugh I'll be dying to type all the names. Nak buat gosip tu org lain-2 lah. Pilih lah yang mana ok. Hahaha k. Whateva it be, i love you guys xx

I'm lack of  idea and I miss my cat.

Bye ppl :*


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