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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mostly about school.

Bismillahirrahman nirrahim,

Peace be upon you, ppl :)

Heyyy! Are you guys feeling excited as I updated my blog? Be happy or else I will cut you. Wow pejam celik, we're in May now. I'm so sorry, I was so busy lately ((lah konon)) :( but pls be good now cuz i am so gay to give you guys an update today hooray!!!

Well as you guys ((school students especially)) know that now is the semester break for the school ((beef pls, im so hepi)), so try to guess what did i do during the holiday. Yes, that's right. Spending the whole day at home, cook, eat, sleep, poop, hold myself on the balance scale to measure my weight ((i do this everyday)), online, and study of course!!! I'm a spm candidate slap me nauuuu hahahah. Lantok ler kejap.

Hm hm before the break, all secondary students in Malaysia ((except if you're PATIs)) MUST, HAVE TO, NEED TO sit for the mid-term exams. It ended 2 days before the semester break. Omg i tell you brader, they are all mindfqing questions. In addition my school practices High Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S.) questions as it is a demand from the KPM owing to SBT whatsoever. But hey, keep calm cuz i know the KPM is trying to give the best for us ((eventhough i cried so bad after each paper hahahaha)). Helo soalan BM pun susah ok. What is menakik btw? (tetibe). So overall chemistry is the worst after physics. And even worse, I DONT HAVE ANY TARGET YET. Now i make myself feel so lifeless hmm :(

Yeah yeah tutup tirai pasal exams.

On last Thursday, my school, organized a camp called Kem al-Falah A+ Pelajar SPM. It was held at Renaissance 5 stars Hotel. Everything was luxurious!!! Hmm ok ok, I lied. Actually it was held in our school ((what lah? my school situated near the 5 stars hotel okay)). The students were allowed ((pushed actually)) to stay in hostel. For 5 days. I repeat, 5 days. It wasn't that bad. I like it. I like hostel life, if and only there's no attetion-seekers lah blergh.

There were seminars and workshops to improve our skills in answering the questions of spm for sure. Thanks to everyone especially the teachers and motivators. It was totally fun. Plus we had parties everynight before sleep. Hahahah omg i'm laughing my throat out everytime i do throwback of the moment a night before we left. IT WAS HILARIOUS AND SHAMEFUL.

Well, i guess i shall stop here cuz macam lah korang nak baca sgt aku tulis panjang2 hahahaha. Ok i leave you with some pictures during the camp.

With joy,
Ana x

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