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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Peace be upon you, ppl :)

Hey guys. Waddup? Kaifa halukum? Ehem. Ok actually I'm not good right now. I don't know why since yesterday. No one makes me mad, but I feel like...... jakndlekjhjfcnc. I just don't understand myself. Why with me? People said every problems got the solutions. And how am I going to hv a solution if I don't know the prob. Oh god it's like answering a mathematical equation with 4948376251 unknowns. It's hard.

Yeah, but then realized.... I'm lost. I'm far, apart from His bless. I've strayed. Where am I? What I'm trying to do? Is it alright? I wake up every morning. From Sunday to Saturday. With bless? Or just another 'curse' or something thingy yeah I don't know. Ya Allah, what I've done. :'( I hurt lotsa ppl, I've commited sins. I'm just a small caliph in this world who remiss in the act. I need guidance. Being such a selfish sometimes. I guess. Huhh. How I'm going to be on the sirat al mustaqim? 

In the name of Allah most gracious and most merciful, salawat upon Muhammad ya Rasulullah SAW, show the guidance, to me, a weak, lost and ignoble servant. Amin ya Rabb.

I found something while google-ing just now, If Allah will, may those will give us input...

Purify 4 cases with 4 things ;
 Your face with tears of awareness
 Your tongue with the remembrance of the Creator
 Fear and shaking hearts to the greatness of your Lord
 and the sins of your past with repentance to the Owner of your Dzat.

May Allah give us bless and bliss of life.



  1. Allah is everywhere .. Once u care Allah , Allah cares more about u dear .. :) ..

    Always pray awal waktu .. Always doa , mohon je ape2 yg nk dipohon .. Allah Maha Mendengar .
    Baca Quran slalu .. At least skali shari .. Slalu amalkan solat dhuha ... Just sharing . :) , but this doen'st mean i have done all this .. guide for u and me too .. :) Wallahua'lam


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