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Friday, April 20, 2012

Black Belt Dan 1

Peace be upon you, ppl :)

I'm so sorry for the long non-update blog. Act, I don't have much time to type on my blog. I just focus on Facebook and Twitter. I'm quite lazy to bersengkang eyes in front of the laptop to type the post that less readers. Haha. Oh yeah, here is something I want to share.
After five years of hard work go to practice day and night, since standard 5. I finally managed to get a black belt Dan 1 in Taekwondo. 

Do not believe? Here there is evidence. Haha. :>

Baju ni baru dapat :)

Ada kad ala-ala I/C gitu. Drp Korea :)

Ni pulak sijilnya also from Korea. Besar gila sijil diaaaa.

Okaylah bye-bye semua.

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