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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Bite your nails : No ! I care a lot about them. :D
Have nightmares often : YES !
Find yourself typing liKe DiS OfTeN : Hah ?
Have friends : Yezza.
Have any phobias : I do.
Like the way you look : Yes. Ehem.
Think your attractive : No. -_-
Play any sports : Yeah.
Have friends you don't really like : Er, yes.
Have your own computer : Yes. Newwwwwwwwah.


What color is your room : White; plain.
What was the last thing you said : 'Huk tu huk sembur.' -_-
What was the last thing you ate today : Satayyyyyyyh.
Do you know all the people who are on your MySpace as friends : Myspace ? What's that ? XD
Are you single : YES ! TILL SPM. InsyaALLAH.
Your favourite number/s : Three , 17
Your favourite colour : Pink , purple , white.
What color do you wear most (for shirts) : White ? Black ? Idk.


Been in love, truely : Oh yeah baby.
Been heartbroken : Yes TF !
Broke someones heart : Yes. Nyiehh nyiehh , shut up.
Wished you could go back in time : Omg YES !
Made a mistake : Always.
Been called a Poser, Prep, Emo, Goth, Punk, Gangster, Ect : Nope.
Missed someone who dumped you ALOT : Haha , yes.
Wondered if someone you loved, loved you back : OH YES.
Been confused by someone if they like you or not : Yes. .________.

Thanks to Hanone :D

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